The Poet’s Dog

A Teacher's Reflections

As winter is upon us, I am once again drawn to the best book, The Poet’s Dog.  Fall in love with a dog, a poet, and children- magnificently written, through the voice of the dog.  A winter storm has arrived here in New England, so yes, I’ll be reading this book.

“Dogs speak words.  But only poets and children hear.”

Those are the opening words in Patricia MacLachlan’s book, The Poet’s Dog.  I have read the book twice, because there are many words not to be missed; words that are pure and don’t need added adjectives and text.  MacLachlan’s writing stands alone in a field of masterful literature.  Her eighty-eight pages are some of the best I have ever read.  In the words of the publisher:

“Alone in a fierce winter storm, Nickel and Flora are brave but afraid.  A dog finds them.  Teddy speaks words and brings…

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Who else here that loves the sunset like I do??

Sunset is the daily appearance of the sun below the horizon as a result of the earth’s rotation. It is one of the most beautiful sights daily. Although they occur everyday, then quality and majesty of a sunset depends largely on the amount of clouds, the amount of particulate matter in the air, the angle of the sun and the location.

I personally meditate under it without me even recognising that. The view of the sunset itself is incredibly insane guys! All your problems fade away for a second and all you can see and think of is the beauty of nature that we have here on earth. Jehovah God was super creative when he created this earth and we should thank him for that, always.

Luckily I live in a city whereby there’s so much to explore in terms of nature. So this one time I went to a nice place called Signal Hill, on my way while driving up there to that mountain – the view is breathtakingly beautiful.. No words can describe such beauty!We literally stopped the car on the side of the road so we can take a clear look of Cape Town while up close to the Hill. We took photos of course and stayed there a little while before we got to the actual destination. When I admire the wonders a the sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.

Appreciating a beautiful sunset enriches your life beyond the moment. A glorious sunset is epitome of fleeting beauty. For a few minutes, the sky is a spectacle of color- and then it’s over.


Specifically White Flowers :)


Dash Pink.jpg

Yes I know how it looks like but I have an obsession over white flowers rather than red ones. Did I mention a dash pink?..Yep I’m colorful like that. It goes with my personality as well. Anyway I have few reasons on why I like these White Flowers..


Firstly, they are bright and beautiful. They give me peace of mind when I look at them. But generally flowers carry different meanings and for different purposes of course! They carry beauty, shape, fragrance  and they draw attention with their bright color. And without flowers, plants would merely be green and the world would be a duller place-imagine!!


With this particular one(white flowers) are the best way to convey the feelings or love of my heart. if you deeply connected to them then you will know and feel the impact they have on us. They help serves as a natural decorations for a centerpiece. What I like most about them they are very neutral. They are used for any happy events like wedding, anniversary, baby born,  make your event memorable.


Stress and anxiety are part of everyday life. When people see fresh flower then they forget all the stress. And because of the attraction, human love flowers simply because of the beauty. You know, when we hear the word beautiful, it is a normal behaviour that the first thing may come to our mind is the flower. Also, people love flowers, because of the color. They are flashy and they have a nice shape with charming fragrance.


Between women and man, women love flowers more. So it shouldn’t be a surprise on how much I love them :). Some guys think that giving flowers is pointless because the flowers will eventually die. Well guess what?? That’s the part we love! Though we love the idea of forever kind of love, we still like the idea that you can give us something ephemeral and exciting. Even if it seems like your money is put to waste, it’s nice to know you spent it on something that  will yield a guaranteed smile from us.


Another white flower


We women/girls think flowers reflects who we are…If you buy obviously cheap flowers, then we may believe that you believe we’re cheap. We don’t need to receive flowers daily, so on the special occasions when you take the floral plunge, buy the best, freshest, most fragrant arrangements. It’s a great way to flatter your lady.


I know it may seem unproductive to majority of guys, but many of us like looking at the bedside table on our work desk or table, or in our living room. We can actually spend a minute or two admiring them and smelling their fragrance. Flowers are a surefire way to grab a woman’s attention and make her continuously think of you whenever she glances at the bouquet.

In real talk though, I don’t care how much or little they cost. I don’t care if you bought them from the mall or  went to the fields to gather the freshest white roses. It doesn’t matter. The point is that every women deserves to be delighted by flowers-despite the fact that they die, they make us  feel special.


Smile because it’s beautiful and healthy 🌹

I for one love smiling and laughing, I don’t know about y’all. I find those contagious and. But did y’all know that smiling more often regardless your mood can improve your health and help you live longer?? I bet you already did know that. But let me take you into detail on why we should smile more.


1. Improves mood!

Smiling can improve your mood when you’re feeling blue. And maybe beneficial to people suffering with depression and anxiety. It increases positive thoughts, so if you’re having a bad day try smiling anyway-it may lead to a genuine smile and lifts your spirit.

2. Lowers blood pressure!

Laughter causes an initial increase in initial rate. It helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

3. Stress relief!

Smiling helps your body to deal with stressful situations more effectively. Stress generally increases in heart rate and blood pressure. So maintaining a smile when stressed provides you with both physiological and physical health benefits.

4. Better relationships!

I’ve noticed that by smiling I’ve drawn a lot of people. People who smile are perceived as more likable than people who don’t smile. Being likable makes it more easier to build and maintain better relationships with people. People with positive emotions have more stable relationships and better interpersonal skills than people with negative emotions. So keep a smile on your face to help create strong and healthier social bonds.

5. Stronger immune function!

Believe it or not laughter which normally starts with a smile appears to help you boost your immune system. One 2015 study shows that laughter therapy increases immune responses in women who have just had babies. So maybe really laughter is the best medicine😉.

6. Pain relief!

Pain relief might be the last thing to associate with laughter and smiling. But they do gel together. If you’re in pain due to any injuries, illness or chronic disease.,watch a funny movie,attend a stand up comedy show or hang out with family and friends who make you smile.

7. Longer life!

The fountain of your youth might be right under your nose. Smiling and positive emotions are associated with increased life spans. Talk about a reason to smile huh!

Bottom line..!

Smiling and laughter are beneficial for your mind, body and overall well being. Even if you feeling blue  crack a smile and reap the numerous health and benefits of smiling😁😁.

Change your mind, change your thinking!!

So I thought I should write a little motivation letter to you my friends, hope it’ll help 🙂


In most cases especially at this day, age and system of things most of us people tend to lose focus, hope and high self-esteem.

Most people are held back by their self-limiting beliefs. The way burst these mental chains is with a dream list. Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Your thoughts alone have the power to make healthy or sick, rich or poor, popular or unpopular. Your mind is like a powerful force that can be turned in an direction to bring about wonderful results, or wreak havoc and destruction. Your main goal in life must be to harness your amazing powers and direct them intelligently and systematically toward achieving everything you really want.

Please remember this that GREAT SUCCESS REQUIRES LONG, HARD WORK. Let me tell you about this guy that I know. The Medics were the wealthiest and most powerful family of Italy at the time. A commission for a statue from the Medici’s was not only a great honor; it was also a task that could not be refused. For two years this guy searched for a block of stone out of which he could create the kind of masterpiece the Medicis were looking for.

Finally on a side street, partially overgrown with weeds and covered with dirt, he found a huge slab of marble lying on wooden trestles. It had been hauled down from the mountains years before and had never been used. Jacob had walked past this street many times, but this time he stopped and looked more closely. As he walked back and forth studying the block of marble, he actually envisioned the statue and saw it in its entirety. The sculptor quickly arranged to have workmen haul the block of marble to his studio some distance away. He then began the long, hard job of hammering and chiseling. It took him 2 solid years of work to create the rough outline of the statue. He then put his hammers and chisels aside and spent 2 more years polishing and sanding before the statue was complete.

The guy was already famous as a sculpture, and the news that he was working on a major commission for the Medicis spread all over Italy. When the day came for its first public viewing, thousands of people came from all over Italy and gathered in the main square. When it was unveiled, the crowed stood gaping in awe. It was breathtakingly beautiful. People cheered. Women fainted. The audience was amazed at the incredible beauty of the enormous statue. Jacob  was immediately recognised as the greatest sculptor of his age.

So see what I mean when I say GREAT SUCCESS REQUIRES LONG, HARD WORK??!! Yes it’s ever easy to be patient for something that might take for that long.

The very fact that you can write down something that you would love to have someday means that you probably have within you, right now, the ability to achieve it. Let your mind flow freely as you read this. There will be lots of time to organize and evaluate your dreams later:) .