Overcoming your fears is never easy and exciting. Here’s why you need to be brave enough💪



Firstly I’d like to congratulate those that are comfortable being around the sea without getting seasick, you guys are lucky. But if you’re struggling to maintain watching the sea whether it’s on TV, you’re in a boat, watching from a magazine just like me there are ways to overcome that dear😉. I drafted couple of ideas for us.

1. If you’re taking a boat next day, don’t drink liquor at all  trust me.

2. Be careful to avoid greasy foods.

3. Drink plenty of coke and Pepsi. These drinks reduces the chances of getting sick because they contain phosphoric acid.

4. Stay up on deck were fresh air is accessible and you can see the horizon.

5. Be in good physical condition.

6. Sleep on your back to heal.

7. Take good control of the situation.

8. Talk yourself down to handle pressure.

9. Get in touch with your pressure joints.

10. Ride it out.

Now that you have read these ideas above I suggest you try to practice your own list for overcoming such fear, you can do it 😉❤️

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