Ants are the most active and cautious creatures that I know.




For instance in summer you won’t see them lazing around, not doing anything. In stead you’d actually see them keeping busy buy preparing food for winter. They’ll be caring heavy loads, going up and down with a full speed. They don’t get tired and I honestly don’t know where do they get such energy from.

An expert of ants Mark Moffett  likes to explore. In adventures among ants, he describes his tropical encounters with his favourite kind of ant- the marauding type that forages as a huge stream collecting pre as  it goes.  He climbs trees full of stinging ants, sits out in torrential rain in the jungle and endures relentless mosquitoes. This book showcases the pay off…the moment when Moffett’s camera captures ants looking fantastic.

Research shows that there are over 130 species of army ants in the world. These large numbers of species differ in many things, but one of them is polymorphism–that is workers within one ant colony can vary quite a bit in size and shape and do different tasks or play different roles.

So in life experiences towards seeing different species, you have a number of middled sized workers confronting a soldier of the other species. They’re basically and pulling on it as if they were trying to deal with an elephant, from perspective. The solders usually functions simply to deal with people like entomologist and anybody silly enough to get close to army ants.





As much as it sounds chaotic and tiring, wait till you see their hard work paying off in winter, it’s just amazing!  Isn’t that a lesson to learn though?? I picked up few things I use from them,

  1. To be active
  2.  Prepare in time
  3.  Not to do things in last minute and
  4.  To be proactive


So there you have it people there’s a whole lot more we can learn from these kinds of species even though they’re small but they do something in the environment or on earth. Love each one of them coz they’re there for a reason 🙏.

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