Love has no color

The word LOVE has a deep meaningful effect in our lives. Love is beautiful, love is kind, love is blind and love is sharing. Love is great interest and pleasure in something. We can define LOVE how ever we want but we all have a common denominator that connects us in it.

Love doesn’t discriminate. It shouldn’t discriminate us because we breath the same air and enjoy the same sun. Now there’s a reason on why I wrote this. I honestly feel like there are people out there who still see or differentiate love based on color, whether it’s friends, teachers, business partners or your lover. At this day and age in my opinion I feel like discrimination should stay in the 1960s. Right now we live in a world or generation where by you get to do whatever you want to do,you pursue anything you want to be.

If you come to me and start being mean to other people’s color I’ll look at you like you’re weird and dumb. It just shows immaturity the fact that you can’t accept other colors. I mean really we don’t have a choice especially in South Africa. We have a variety of languages and I find that super awesome. I feel like we’re blessed and we should use that opportunity.

In my opinion you really are missing out if you don’t explore. I also understand that everyone is attracted to a different type of person and expects something concrete from that person. Bottom line is- love is love. So go and love with all your heart and connect because love doesn’t discriminate.

I know people that have outgoing personalities and but because of their backgrounds, friends and family they hold back. They would rather lose a good friendship or a potential lifetime partner just because they’re scared of of what others may say, forgetting that those people are living their lives. At the end of the day your happiness depends on you. Shout out to interracial couples, friends of different color and business partners πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.

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