Why I Started A YouTube Channel

Yes I finally did it 😅. Why? Mainly because it suits my personality. To break that down, I started the channel because there’s a lot to talk about.

Some of the things I talk about is topics that’ll encourage others, giving tips in common issues, advising on what I think people will gain from also to showcase my talent of creativity when it comes to talking in front of the camera.

Even though I have a blog but I also feel like I need to reach out to those who don’t really like reading. My aim is to at least try to vlog about what I’ll be blogging about, so that those that love reading can benefit just like those that like visual movement can also benefit.

Down below is a link or a video that I shared on my channel. I can’t really get in to details, only you can go check it out 😉.

I really hope you guys can find such videos fruitful in your lives. Even though I’m doing these videos publicly, I’m also learning from them. And I like that.

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