You’re no one’s priority (facts)!!

I really wish my mom or elders told me this when I was still young. Not to get too comfortable/relaxed in our zones. You might explain this phrase in a negative way but I personally interpret it in an optimistic view. I’ll obviously get into that in a min. But please remember this you came into this world alone and you will leave alone!

I’m saying this because now that I’m still growing and evolving I’ve seen and experienced moments where being uncomfortable is and still dust yourself and keep walking. And sometimes walking doesn’t always mean you know where you going, sometimes it could mean taking a leap of faith without depending on someone and you’ll see it when you get there. And only to find out you’ve made the best decision ever!

There are times when you realize that you’re an option and not a priority, and if you don’t realize it, you are haunted by the thought. When you get together with a certain someone, you feel like the third wheel or the last one invited to the party. You are the plus one. Maybe you suspect that you’re some last minute arrangement. Or you’re trying to get assistance or guidance or just moral support from a friend, sister, mom, dad, etc.. could be anyone, but they can’t make time for you because they’re genuinely busy or pretending to be busy. And with all of that going on, you can’t wait for them to do what you need to do. Even if they’re there, they can only say so much because it all depends on you. No one can push or change you except for yourself!

For example, you’re trying to start a business, blog or YouTube channel because you’re passionate about it. You see yourself very far if you can have them. But as soon as you share your ideas to others they don’t see it like you do or they don’t even want to see it. They don’t see the vision that you see. They don’t know your limit or capability like you do. When you’re sleeping at night they don’t even keep awake to help you achieve because they’re busy and everyone is busy by the way. It’s a matter of having the best interest at heart.

Don’t even think that you’re someone’s priority, if you do lucky you and keep on being blessed. Do what you need to do because no one is going to wait for you, even time will not wait for you. If you have a business idea, do it now. If you want to start a blog, do it now. Buy that house now because nobody will push to do these things, no one!

I want to end this blog post by at least 8 reminders.

  1. Stan for yourself no matter what because no one will.
  2. Don’t look back.
  3. List the value of you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be a little high maintenance.
  5. Invest yourself in a worthy cause.
  6. Believe that better things are just ahead.
  7. Be direct with what you want.
  8. Be okay with being on your own without turning into a hermit or emotionally shallow.

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